Pocket ID is your school's all in a solution for ID cards.
Smart ?

Less plastic, more control

PocketID for you as an administrator

We have “tailored” an administrative solution where the school / university can log in and manage “their” students.
Access from the first school / study day

With PocketID, students can download PocketID and log in via FEIDE as soon as they have been assigned FEIDE Identity. Then they will be able to use services such as libraries and copiers / printers from the first school day even if they do not have a picture. Image can be uploaded afterwards to get a complete school / student certificate.

Picture for school / student certificate

The school / university can choose between different solutions when it comes to photo for the school / student certificate. They can use a professional school photographer company, the school can produce photos themselves, or they can use the specially developed “selfie-solution” where the student takes a portrait with his own mobile phone.

Administrative functions

PocketID can transfer photos to the school / university administration system, and the school / university will be able to manage “their” students by signing in to PocketID’s management system. Here the school / university can add new students, or disable students to stop their affiliation.

PocketID for you as a student or student

Are you a student in a college or at a university? With PocketID as a school or student certificate, you can have several features on your mobile. Always updated.
Access from the first day of term

You download the PocketID app and log in with your FEIDE Identity, and then you can have services available from the first day of term, whether you want books in a library or using a copier / printer.

Image for ID

For the school / student certificate to be valid as ID card, it must contain an image. Here are several options. It may be the image of a professional school photo company, the school may make the photos themselves, or they use PocketID’s selfie function.

Administrative Funksjonar 

I grunnskulen kan de velge om de vil bruke løysinga Pocket ID på mobilen, eller om de fortsatt vi bruke dei tradisjonelle “plastkorta” Vi i pocketID kan levere begge løysingane

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